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Brings you a tsunami of sound
 A 2 Piece Bass Driven Noise Machine!!
Dirty distorted Bass Guitar, Subs and vocals
        ANDY DAWSON              
Drums/samples and vocals

A two piece Metal / Punk / band from the UK with a massive sound that defies logic.
Without a guitarist amongst their ranks,
bassist Mok Morris and drummer Andy Dawson create an onslaught of Metal / Punk power.

Watch out for the new album in 2024!!

The debut album WHAT GOES AROUND over 5 years in the making
featuring a full voice over cast.The album contains 15 original songs culminating in over an hours worth of tense audio drama,
The album tells the tail of a dark disturbing story of Love/Murder and Sadness. Truly a masterpiece, presented in such a way you will be gripped by the first song and left wanting to re-play by the end.

Undurskin are a must see Live band
The sheer Power that 2 members create Live 
can not be put into words!

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