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 Undurskin is
       MOK MORRIS       
Dirty distorted Bass Guitar, keys and vocals
        ANDY DAWSON              
Drums and samples

Undurskin is a two piece Metal/Punk / Rock band from the UK with a massive sound that defies logic.
Without a guitarist amongst their ranks,
bassist Mok Morris and drummer Andy Dawson create an onslaught of Metal / Punk power.
The duo has been developing their unique mix of rapid-fire double pedal
kick drum rhythms and crunching distortion pedal bass guitar for the past 5 years
as they wrote and recorded their debut concept album. Now they are ready to unleash it on the world.
The debut album WHAT GOES AROUND is over 5 years in the making,
recording started in June 2017 and was released in Dec 2021,
but some of the song go as far back as 1995.
What goes around is the first Concept album
to be written by Undurskin and is now finished 
we will also be taken this masterpiece out live on the road !!



Mok Morris


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